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Championship Racing Series

Challenges its Drivers into Rage Quitting

Fans around the world marked their calendars and cancelled their usual Friday night ragers in order to tune into what promised to be the event of a lifetime - Championship Racing Series’ series opener.

The stage was set - over 20 registered drivers agreed to hop in an HPD and run eighty laps around the historic Charlotte Motor Speedway. Anxiety was high as the first opportunity to secure points in pursuit of CRS’ prestigious trophy came into view. The green flag dropped.

The yellow flag dropped. Turns out, the yellow flag selected and purchased was somewhat of an attention whore. None of us could have predicted it. Lap after lap it waved, and the drivers were forced into pacing around the lap at a leisurely speed.

While the CRS drivers were pacing around the track, the official Championship Racing Series broadcast studio experienced a slew of natural disasters including (not necessarily in order), a tsunami, an umbrella saleswoman, a geyser, and a micropachycephalosaurus. It’s incredible that the broadcast team survived, and yet there they were, calling the (lack of) action nonetheless. Truly an amazing feat.

At the end of the day, what did we learn? We learned that the Championship Racing Series is a true test, where driving fast laps will not bring about victory on its own. Perseverance, patience, grit, dedication, determination, and a nice umbrella are all necessary to rise to the top of the Championship Racing Series.

The humble will rise and the prideful will fall.

We sit down with the first racecar driver to ever win a race: Emile Levassor

Explain to us your victory in the first car race in recorded history.

“It was monumentous indeed. ‘Twere screams and maidens fainting as I approached at the exhilarating speed of 12mph. Winner, I was, and winner I always shall be.”

What do you think is missing in today’s iRacing series environment?

“That’s an easy one, Skipper Doodle Do - what iRacing needs is a for-points series where drivers race in all types of cars on all kinds of tracks. Serious yet wild, competitive yet uncanny.”

Do you think it’s important for an iRacing series to be historically connected?

“O’course! All else is tomfoolery. It should be connected to the USAC Championship Car Season of 1956, if I’d have to pick one m’self.”

Were you alive in 1956?

“Sure wasn’t, Nigel. My water poured out in 1897.”

What do you think would be a reasonable prize for being the champion of such a series?

“A bowling trophy engraved with the champion’s name ‘tis the balance between the tommyrot, fiddle-faddle, and the pride o’ victory.”

Did you know, Emile, this series already exists? The Championship Racing Series powered by J2ICS. You could literally join it right now. Just send Jordan Beck a DM on Discord.

“Wowzer-trousers horsefeathers Knicker Steve,

boogity boogity boogity, lets go racing!

"mmmmm yes, I do say CRS is going to be a snappy success" - Emille Levassor

Cali Racing to Porsche

After a relatively rough start to the season, Cali Racing found themselves outside of the top three of the team championship leaderboard for the first time since joining the J2iCS series. Finding this unacceptable, Ferrari cut ties with the team.

Cali Racing, now without a vehicle to race, found a new partnership with Porsche. The team's first race with the new vehicle will be at Motegi, sporting a livery reflective of the previous livery with Ferrari.

Throughout the course of the past week, the team has been undergoing extensive testing to understand the full capabilities of the vehicle. Even having been suddenly thrown into a new vehicle, the teams' pace seems to have vastly improved over the Ferrari.

Will the change of vehicle bring Cali Racing back into the championship fight? Find out this week at Motegi.

New Team Announcement: Delivery (Not Digiorno)

What might cause a driver to abandon his team - and with it, his team’s hopes and dreams - halfway through a season? Who would dare break his team’s contract, forcing a dissolution of a racing entity forevermore? Veteran driver Bobnova recently found himself smack in the middle of these complex questions, as he undeniably dishonored his team Poles are for Dancing by earning the pole position at Texas Motor Speedway. Former teammate Fuzzy Tacos had this to say about the debacle: “The contract language was clear. Bobnova knew he was in the wrong. I only hope this was a temporary lapse of judgement and that we can still be friends one day. Eventually I will be able to forgive him, but I will never forget. Poles are for dancing.”

The day after Poles are for Dancing’s dramatic closure, Bobnova fell off the map without a trace. Two weeks later, he was found wandering the desert wrapped in vulture hides by none other than J2ICS authorities Water Cooler Dale and RTupps. Realizing they needed to act fast, a plan to restore Bobnova to his former glory began.

Watercooler Dale and RTupps had a problem on their hands - who would accept Bobnova onto their team after such an incident? It needed to be someone naive - someone who didn’t fully understand the seriousness of the situation. Thinking about this, the perfect candidate was realized: rookie driver Jordan Beck could not possibly realize becoming teammates with Bobnova would be disastrous.

Bobnova and Jordan Beck joined forces and established Delivery (Not Digiorno) Racing. They spent three days deciding contract language, where Jordan Beck was seen with numbered lists of ideas and Bobnova was looking at his phone, muttering, “Mhm. Sure. Okay.” Some say they have seen Bobnova at the grocery store in the frozen pizza section, looking around suspiciously; others have sworn they have heard him exclaim, “The crust looks so good! It’s stuffed!” to his wife, while forgetting his microphone wasn’t on push-to-talk.

At this time, Bobnova publicly denies all allegations of consuming Digiorno pizzas, and firmly insists he was telling his wife, “The delivery truck looks so good! It’s stuffed with packages!”

J2iRS Silly Season Comes Early

Unbeknownst to the majority of the league, J2i Silly Season began shortly before the mid-season endurance round at Road America. With the news that veteran driver DC5R would be taking a sabbatical from league races, Bonglife Motorsport, which has always had an excellent relationship with the citizens of Canadia, began an exhaustive talent search north of the border.

Bolstered by the performances of CaptainCK, the AirTransat sponsored very french Mach eRacing has been taking their first full season by storm with their single car entry. They've been patiently waiting to find the right partnership to expand further within the J2iRS Championship.

The driver line-up for the new joint venture, Bonglife Mach eRacing, will be filled by resident mid-fielder #33 erco, and lap 1 barnstormer #50 CaptainCK. AirTransat will also be penetrating further into the motorsports market by expanding their operations to include complete transportation solutions for the team to each of the remaining rounds of the season.

Finally, we are pleased to unveil not only a new logo for the partnership, but also the livery that sees a true merger of both teams history and unique design themes.

Scuderia Racey McRaceface Cyan

Race Debut

The daunting Nurburgring VLN Combined track saw the GT3 race debut of the new Cyan division. Having not qualified, the new duo composed of experienced endurance driver Eric Fox and newcomer Charles Kerreneur started in 20th position. In a surprising move considering his reputation, the team started Charles, crossing fingers his first lap demons stayed in his usual GTE car. The first lap was uneventful, only a couple cars here and there having crashed and spun. Lap 2 saw a little mistake, having been surprised by the preceding car slowing more than expected in the WEC chicane, both cars tangled slightly but came out with very little damage or positions lost. What then followed was a very consistent stint, completing a daring pass for position on lap 6. Having completed the first two fuel stints on the same set of tires, the team gained positions strategically over teams opting to change tires at every stop.

Taking over the car at nearly the 2h mark, Eric Fox drove solidly, managing fuel saving and consistent driving, completing a daring double pass for a position and backmarker at Pflanzgarten. Fighting hard he had a little spin with no damage in the tricky Karussel, resuming the race having not lost any positions.

The team was rewarded with a surprising P5 on track and even more surprising official P4 finish after the P2 car was disqualified for having ran a solo driver.

We look forward to the next event at the very different Donington National circuit, going from over 8 minutes lap times to barely over a minute.

Scuderia Racey McRaceface Cyan

GT3 Announcement

Scuderia RaceyMcRaceFace is proud to announce further expansion and new headquarters.

Following last week’s announcement, we are excited to bring you more exciting news for the team. After months of planning and work, the Scuderia is inaugurating it’s brand new headquarters in Milton Keynes. Considered by many to be the heart of racing in Europe, it made sense for the Scuderia to base their operation near other big names in World Championship racing. It is also strategically placed very close to the state of the art Silverstone Circuit, which will be an excellent base to develop our cars competing in all of our different categories. The state of the art facility has been built from scratch with efficiency and comfort as the main design goals.

New GT3 Division: It is with great excitement that we announce the Scuderia will now take part in select events of the VRS Sprint and Endurance Championship! Having signed a contract with Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., the Scuderia will line up on the GT3 grid with the brand new Huracan GT3 EVO. The team will have it’s first competitive outing this weekend at the challenging Nurburgring Nordschleife for the VRS Endurance 3h event. The Scuderia will be represented by it’s new Cyan team comprising of drivers Eric Fox and Charles Kerreneur. The cyan team being representative of the combination of the green (Fox) and Blue (Kerreneur) racing colors of their previous racing teams.

Scuderia Racey McRaceface Green

2021 Roster Announcement

With the release of the 2021 iRacing Special Events calendar, Scuderia Racey McRacefce - Green is proud & excited to announce that we will be further extending our commitment to excellence in the realm of endurance racing.

The first full-time season in iELMS for the team was a great success. Platinum driver, Void, finished 46th out of 734 drivers in Division 2. Meanwhile, Silver driver, Erco, ended the season on the 2nd step of the podium for Division 4 against 373 drivers. Both members performed an integral role in securing the organizations first endurance win during the 6 Hours of Sebring. The Scuderia will be welcoming both drivers back to run the recently rebranded European Endurance Series on a biweekly basis.

In what may be the coup of the season, we have been lucky to add the Platinum-rated, up-and-coming phenom, NBRacing, to the Green team for the Special Events schedule. This is an exciting move that has the potential to put the crew over the top to snag their first podium in a Major Endurance race at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona!

The Scuderia is also proud to unveil the latest investment into team resources, our very own private airliner! Piloted by none other than CaptainCK himself! Don't worry everyone, taking off from the airport counts as Lap 0, so the landings should be buttery smooth. The car and all personnel will be flown in class & style to each event of the season.

Stay tuned for future announcements from each of the Scuderia's sister teams in the upcoming weeks and months. Until then, keep it between the ditches!