About Us

Engaging, Fun, and Competitive

J2ICS prides itself in being an interactive social group that has a great time while maintaining a high level of competition. Not only are you joining a serious points championship, you are also joining a ‘night out with the boys’ each race event, where the only thing taken more seriously than the racing is the banter. J2i boasts a strong 30+ driver Road Main field and a growing 15+ Oval Main field.

Two Established Championships

J2iCS is in its fourth season of operation, which means that we’ve had plenty of time to work and rework the rules and regulations. Every league race is overseen by a dedicated Race Control, and each race is reviewed by a team of administration who determines if penalties should be assessed.

Professionally Broadcasted Races

J2ICS is partnered with broadcasting networks. These networks split the load of J2ICS league events and each brings their own brand of broadcasting. Great way to share your hobby with friends and family as well as a great way to enjoy the race after it’s over and see what the broadcasters had to say about you.

Website with Driver Stats

Watch yourself grow overtime, from the lowly ranks of rookie life to lighting it up as a serious contender for one of our two championships. Relive these moments through your own up-to-date advanced driver statistics and track your progress. Build your J2ICS legacy.